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As an hobbyist artist I've polished my craft through fan-arts and transformative works. I've always been a fan of fantasy video games. Their rich & varied universe have always inspired me. I've also been influenced by all the awesome artists present on social media & fandoms.

My inspiration varies over time with new games releases. Overwatch is the license that ignited back thisdesire to create, and what I've been mainly drawing for 2 years ~

OW - LuBu Reaper
OW - Baihu Genji
LeagueOflegends - Allegiance Overwatch - Opera Brigitte OC - Ravyn
Overwatch - Reaper gabriel Reyes Overwatch - Black Lily Widowmaker OC - Zefu
OC - Angel OC - Aeryen Detroit Becomes Human - Connor RK800
LeagueOflegends - BloodMoon Aatrox Overwatch - Lucio LeagueOflegends - Ink'tober Azir